Damatt Engineering, Inc. provides high-quality electrical and control systems engineering, programming, and design services for a wide variety of industrial clients.  Our projects have included the design of new high-voltage substations, electrical distribution systems, medium-voltage motor and equipment protective relaying, and state–of-the-art process control systems.

Here is a sampling of our completed engineering, integration, and specialized projects:


Quarry Main Substation Upgrade

GraniterockAromas, CA

Damatt provided complete electrical and control systems engineering and design, project management, construction support, and commissioning services for the upgrade of the existing 60 – 4.16 kV main substation, increasing its capacity from 10 to 20 MVA.  Automatic on-load tap changing provides more closely regulated facility voltage.  Existing electromechanical relays were replaced with state-of-the-art intelligent relays for utility intertie, transformer, and main switchgear protection.  All relays operate from a common time base provided by a satellite GPS clock and are networked with the site-wide SCADA system to provide unprecedented visibility into power system status, alarms, and historical trending.  The design was developed in multiple, phased installation steps to minimize production downtime, resulting in only two days of lost production for the entire project.

This project also provided the means for interconnecting a new 5 MW solar field, the first step in a series of projects to reconfigure the Quarry’s distribution system for increased efficiency, enhanced energy production and storage, and improved operational reliability.

Medium-Voltage Switchgear Modernization

California State UniversitySan Jose, CA

Damatt supplied complete electrical design, construction support, and commissioning services for the upgrade of existing 12.47kV distribution switchgear.  The switchgear required new protective relaying, battery system, and an automation controller capable of performing various load-shedding techniques.  To minimize the impact to the redundant feeder system, Damatt designed new switchgear doors that came completely wired with new relaying and components.  A central automation controller communicates directly with each relay to give onsite personnel visibility into the present electrical system status.  The automation controller monitors utility and generator power supplies and is capable of various load-shedding schemes with the loss of utility power.  The new system design provides the backbone for a future microgrid where the campus may be fully self-sufficient with the loss of utility power.

New Shore Power System for Cleaner-Air Berthing of Container Ships

APL LimitedOakland, CA

Damatt provided complete electrical and control systems design, engineering, construction support and commissioning services for a first-of-its-kind U.S. West Coast medium-voltage shore power system for connecting container ships to utility grid power, eliminating the need to run ship generators when in port and greatly improving local air quality.  The shore power system included a new 12.47 – 6.6 kV, 7.5 MVA substation with automatic voltage regulation and power factor control, an air-conditioned power distribution center (PDC) housing 12.47 kV and 6.6 kV switchgear, station battery system, and PLC/HMI control panel.  The substation serves three shore power outlets distributed along the wharf to provide connection points for the ship’s cable reel system.  A mechanical key interlock system combined with protective relaying and a sophisticated PLC-based supervisory control system provides the necessary sequencing for safe connection and disconnection operations.  Damatt coordinated with ship’s engineers and US Coast Guard personnel for approvals and witness testing of the system, which temporarily parallels the ship’s generators with the utility so that the ship does not experience a power outage during normal transfer operations.

Damatt subsequently went on to perform the engineering and design for new shore power systems that were installed throughout the remaining berths at the Port of Oakland.

New Electrical System for a Renovated Container Terminal

Port of OaklandOakland, CA

Damatt provided complete electrical design and construction support services for the power distribution of an existing container terminal yard.  The project required a phased construction approach to allow the terminal to continue operations over the course of the project.  The new power system included a 12.47 kV distribution powerhouse, three 2500 kVA outdoor unit substations, two 1500 kVA outdoor unit substations and a double-ended, 4.16 kV, 5 MVA, crane switchgear powerhouse.  The electrical system provides power for over 500 refrigerated containers, twenty-five 100-foot highmast light poles, several existing buildings, a new marine operations building and four container cranes.  Provisions for future cranes and berthed-ship cold-ironing (shore power) were included as part of this project.

20 MVA, 60/12.47 kV Main Substation Upgrade

Chevron USASan Ardo, CA

Damatt provided the complete electrical design for the expansion of an existing outdoor substation. The design included a new 20 MVA substation transformer, new 12.47kV voltage regulator bank consisting of three single phase regulators, and new primary and secondary bank breaker relaying and control panels. The Damatt scope included design of new steel support structures for transformer primary conductors, and new steel structures for transformer secondary bussing, and voltage regulator bypass and isolation switches. Damatt provided detailed material takeoffs and procurement specification for long lead components and provided construction support and startup and commissioning services.

6 MW Steam Turbine Based Power Generation Project

Conoco Phillips RefinerySanta Maria, CA

Damatt provided complete mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation, and control systems design for a new 6 MW steam turbine power plant. The project included the expansion of an existing 115kV substation to interconnect the new generator to the PG&E 115kV transmission circuit. The substation expansion included a 115/13.8 kV generator step-up transformer, primary switching components, secondary generator switchgear, and generator and substation breaker relay and control panels. Damatt provided complete systems integration for the plant, including PLC programming and HMI development for the balance of plant PLC system, and interface to the generator PLC system. The generator and balance of plant PLC systems were interfaced into the existing refinery distributed control system to allow for unattended operation of the generating plant with monitoring and control from a centralized refinery control room.

New 25 MVA 115/4.16 kV Main Substation

Conoco Phillips RefinerySanta Maria, CA

Damatt provided complete electrical and structural design for a new double-ended 115/4.16 kV main substation for the refinery. The design included two new 12.5 MVA transformer banks, a new transmission line dead-end structure, new 115 kV double-ended bussing, new primary circuit switchers for each transformer and new 2000 Amp secondary main and bus tie circuit breakers. New primary and secondary breaker relaying, and control panels were also included in the design. A PLC based SCADA and alarming system was designed and interfaced to new power meters to allow for remote power monitoring and alarm monitoring from a central control room location in the refinery.

New Battery Energy Storage System

Oakland, CA

Damatt provided electrical engineering and design services for installation and interconnection of a new 1.6 MW, 5.6 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) at an industrial client’s site.  The project included a new 12.47 kV switchgear lineup, stepdown transformer, and modification of existing utility intertie relays to provide the required protection and communication to the BESS control system and the utility’s SCADA system.  BESS systems can provide grid support, power quality improvement, and storage for renewable energy generation.